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Kirsten has imbibed wine since she was in her 20s but it wasn’t till she moved to New Zealand in 2002 that she became keen to actually learn about wine. Before that she drank primarily European, American and South American wine but it was just a most enjoyable beverage and not something she paid a lot of attention to. Back then, winemaker dinners, sommeliers and wine tasting events weren’t a big thing in Denmark. Today they are.

When she moved to New Zealand in 2002 she met many of Marlborough’s leading winemakers who would dine at the hotel, she worked at then, and through them – as well as the job itself – she began appreciating the wines here.


New Zealand Wine & Travel Experience is Kirsten's informative, fun and inspiring online Airbnb Experience for those keen to learn about wine and New Zealand as a destination. Click here for more information

For the love of wine is Kirsten’s fortnightly radio chat show with people in the New Zealand wine industry. Broadcast on Fresh FM. Podcasts available here


Kirsten has written a plethora of articles - as well as a book- about the New Zealand wine industry and its people, visited lots of wineries, attended many tastings etc. And she continues to do so as NZ wine has become more than a hobby for her… She thoroughly enjoys learning about wine (as well as drinking it!) and she loves sharing her knowledge.


During Kirsten's annual visits to Denmark promoting New Zealand as a tourist destination, she also offers New Zealand wine tastings/talks to private wine clubs. That is partly on the back of publishing her book Passion, Pinot & Savvy. Her unique and fun wine events combine tasting great wine with storytelling about the wines, the industry, the winemakers and New Zealand. If you'd like Kirsten to host a fabulous tasting of wine from New Zealand - please email her:

if you were a wine which one would you be?

When Kirsten was asked this question by Caro of she replied: Given I am from the old world and have successfully moved to the new world, and also become a New Zealand citizen, I would tongue-in-cheek say that Pinot Noir sums me up. As NZ Winegrowers describes it: “Intense, expressive, fruit-driven. Old World structure and elegance meets New World power and intensity… notoriously fickle (it is world-class only in cool-climate regions), the Pinot Noir grape has found in New Zealand a home away from home.”

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