Kirsten’s journalistic career spans more than 20 years and she is a remarkable and creative media whiz.

Although capable of covering most kinds of stories in a sound and journalistic manner Kirsten mainly concentrates her work on the things she enjoys:

  • - PEOPLE (business or creative)
  • - TRAVEL
  • - FOOD & WINE
  • - ART and other CULTURAL ASPECTS of LIFE


Kirsten has a B.A. in journalism from The Danish School of Journalism ( where she began studying in 1989 after years of working in all sorts of challenging jobs and living in New York, Paris, Sevilla and Copenhagen. Some of her journalistic training took place in London and Paris.

After graduation she spent 18 months working for Denmark’s leading royal glossy magazine, Billed-Bladet, before moving on to doing ”hard news” and documentaries at one of Denmark’s main tv-stations, TV3. In the autumn of 1996 she launched herself as an autonomous/self-employed tv-reporter/director/producer and print & photojournalist and her company, MAD FROG PRODUCTIONS, became a reality.


Kirsten does most of the photography that goes with her profiles, feature and travel stories. Click on PHOTOGRAPHY and see a few examples.


Since 2009 Kirsten has been the author of the bestselling Danish travel guide to New Zealand, Turen går til New Zealand, published by Politikens Forlag. The book is part of Denmark's most popular guidebook-series covering 100 destinations. Kirsten has rewritten and updated her book several times. Buy her latest edition by clicking here. In 2010 the book was translated into Dutch and published in Holland.

In 2013/14 Kirsten wrote and published PASSION, PINOT & SAVVY - an award winning book about the New Zealand wine industry as seen through the eyes of 16 women winemakers. More about the wine book here.


In 1998 Kirsten incorporated PR/marketing for private companies - be it text for a website, the production of brochures/catalogues or corporate videos.


All work copyright Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen 2010