If you need:
  • - News items for TV
  • - Documentaries or independent TV-productions
  • - Corporate videos may want to work with Kirsten.

She trained in TV and thoroughly enjoys researching and directing/producing great TV. Her work has appeared on national TV-channels in several countries. From workers in Uganda’s banana plantations to Aboriginal inmates at Darwin prison as well as Sir Elton John, John Travolta, Richard Gere and several European royalty – Kirsten has interviewed them all ☺ - and many more - and she has done it well. For examples of her TV work please contact Kirsten, however throughout her successful freelance career she has mainly concentrated on subjects she enjoys and subsequently this has resulted in:

  • - hundreds of art and feature stories for Danish news and cultural programs
  • - her own weekly cultural slot, Byens Blitz (Flash of the city), which for a year was part of the TV3 news in Denmark
  • - “hard news” reporting for TV3/Denmark
  • - documentaries and independent TV productions portraying artists - be it painters, dancers, musicians or actors
  • - corporate videos

Most of the above included ”on screen” reporting/presenting.


Especially the ART WORLD gets Kirsten’s attention as she finds art to be the soul of a society and says: “I basically think art can tell us SO much more about the world we live in than the one that is portrayed in the daily news! I think it is important to focus on art especially in a world which is terribly pre-occupied with war, natural disasters, terrible regimes, terrorism etc etc. Sadly, we often forget to also focus on some of life’s more creative and inspiring aspects. By telling stories about artists and the importance of art in general (worldwide) we may have a small chance of opening people’s eyes for them to see the world in a somewhat different light”.

All work copyright Kirsten Rødsgaard-Mathiesen 2010